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A brief Autobiography: How Irish dancing went from being a hobby into a passion into an obsession. Part 11: Continuation of Bullying in St. Pats from the end of 3rd year and with my crazy GCSE class (11-2), being forced to go to counselling and the start of my Tanorexia.

A brief Autobiography: How Irish dancing went from being a hobby into a passion into an obsession.

Part 11: Continuation of Bullying in St. Pats from the end of 3rd year and with my crazy GCSE class (11-2), being forced to go to counselling and the start of my Tanorexia.

Bullying in my Junior school class was awful and some of the girls and boys were not impressed that I had a girlfriend before most of them or anything like that. One day when I texting Suzanne waiting in line to go into class, Emma took my phone off me and then attempted to send nasty messages off it. She was an Irish dancer from An Comhdhail and she hated festival said it was “ a load of crap”, making fun of my "kick out to the side" in my King of the fairies. I snatched the phone back off her and it all kicked off we were screaming at each other for a good hour throughout our English class.


Your tutor class changes after junior school depending on your GCSE subjects, and for the compulsory subjects, you are taught together with them. I knew that I didn’t want to be a doctor or anything like that so I choose single-award science and did what I thought would be “fun” subjects like Home Economics and Drama. Most of that class did geeky subjects.

The new class was mental,  it was quite a fun class to be in, but the teachers had a hard time controlling us. It was a bit of shock compared to 8-1, but at least they didn’t shout at me when I didn’t do my homework - nobody did their homework in that class. I can remember when our class had our religion coursework due, none of the class had done it and Ms. Hughes yelled “Take out your homework diaries, you lazy lot”, it was funny because it sounded like a biblical quote, something Jesus would have said to his disciples after that failed because they didn’t have enough faith. Most of that class were nice enough to me, accept from one group of boys a German boy  who had bit of Karma come to him very quickly. He videoed a girl in the year above me having anal sex at a party, without her knowledge and he accidentally shared it with a teacher, then he got suspended. Then his friends, one of them was in my primary school class, but he was also stoned a lot of the time.

Although some of my GCSE teachers hated me, I think they just saw me as being really spoilt and lazy and that frustrated them. It didn’t help that I was left to school in the Chrysler whilst most other people got the bus. My dad worked for two premiership football club and boys in my class said to me how it must be really cool, but I didn’t care - I hated football. I didn’t enjoy any of the sports they taught in PE - which was normally just football or gaelic football - I normally refused to play. It was really frustrating for me because i was one of the fittest in the class, I always finished top 3 in the cross country which we had to do at the start of PE some lessons. Although they didn’t ever allow me on the cross country team because the PE teachers didn’t like me either - “He thinks he’s something special” I can recall Mr O’Neil saying.

My maths teacher at GCSE despised me, Miss Nancarrow. She once shouted at me when i wasn’t in class - “Adam you're annoying me”  - I was at a festival. She marked all my 7s wrong and said they looked like 4s - I corrected her by showing that I put a line through my 7s, the old fashioned way, so you would know the difference, she refused to remark my papers.  She didn’t teach our class the higher paper so myself and two friends had to learn the rest of the syllabus a week in advance of the sitting the exam.  Only 2 people got As in that class from my knowledge, I got a B but close to an A, and I am pretty sure if she had taught the higher paper i would of got one.

I wasn’t exactly “roudy” but I was cheeky, well apparently questioning figures of authority is “cheeky”, i still can’t understand this. So a lot of other teachers like my Home Economics teacher, Miss McGeeney, I didn’t stick to her recipes on what was on the syllabus. and my business studies teacher Miss White - i was told to “put that in your pipe and smoke it” by her.

I had become quite atheist at this stage, I got the highest in the English talking and listening exercise for my "Speech" when i criticised the inconsistencies in the bible and was the first to refuse to receive communion in school mass (recieving lots of dirty looks for doing so) and was asking my religion teacher controversial questions - this resulted in her putting me in counselling. Which is strange because even though i denied that I was depressed in any way, under the surface with family events and bullying i was very depressed. So she was right in a way to do that.  I also had to tell that my friend was self-harming and was suicidal so he had to get counseling too. Evtually they let me out of counselling and I use to sing Amy Winehouse "Rehab" and change "rehab" to "counselling" - "they tried to make me go to counselling but I said no, no no." - my daddy thought I was fine.

I was almost expelled for having my blond highlights done, but I swiftly pointed out to the vice principle (Miss Sullivan) that it was "sexual discrimination" because of plenty if girls had their hair dyed, eventually after debating for some time she just told me to not have it dyed again.


During this time, from being on holiday I noticed that when i had a tan, my acne looked a lot better. So I began an obsession with being tanned, I would use the sunbeds at least every week, i would tell my parents I was going for a run, then cycle down to my nearest tanning salon, beside Sydenham - over a mile away from suburbia, and use them. Johnsons Holiday Skin lotion came out at this time, I didn’t think it was the same thing as “fake tan” though, I just thought it helped you be tan, and I was using it also and one day, non-school uniform day I was ridiculously tanned and everyone was nasty to me because of it - including Miss Nancarrow - who was always bright orange herself.

When i received my GCSE results 6Bs and 3 CS my parents were really angry. I actually did quite well in the exams, so I was right in some way I could just wing them. I did attempt to revise for some of them, for example Religion but my file was such a mess that I gave up and decided to watch “Carrie” - that was on TV the night before, maybe the whole being possessed by the devil helped.  It was my coursework which let me down a lot. I was too lazy for it, and couldn’t be bothered re-editing it over and over again, for example, my lowest grade was Home Economics 50% coursework. As a solution, I didn’t do any subjects with Coursework in them for A-Level. I got enough points to get back in thank-god. A surprise was my B in french, Madame Caufield said to my mum that “we are  hoping Adam will just pass this subject”, she was a lot nicer to me at GCSE and was really happy I somehow, despite doing some foundation papers, managed to get a B. About a third of that class didn't get back into school, I found out recently that one of them, Sinead, is now a teacher, which is quite surpising, but at the same time you could tell she was very clever, she just wasn't that interested in studying at that time and obviously neither was I.


  1. It's ironic that you're calling people losers for being petty, manipulative and self-obsessed as teenagers...when you're doing the same thing now, a decade later. Time to grow up mate.

    1. How on earth have I been manipulative? Or called anyone self-obsessed.

    2. This blog really makes a mockery out of bullying. A lot of children experience horrendous bullying at school involving extreme emotional abuse as well as physical. You clearly have absolutely not concept of real bullying. The only events in your life that could even remotely represent bullying appear to be a result of your arrogant and cocky nature. The classic example of this is how each of your stories about "bullying" start or end with a shouting match.. Now, the victim of bullying would never shout back in a true bullying case. You were involved in ARGUEMENTS not bullying.

      For the record, I went to St Pats also. I am very confused as to why you think everyone was envious of you. There was a multitude of people much wealthier than you (not that it matters). There were plenty of good looking people!! And plenty of extremely intelligant people!!! I would say more than 70% of your year (at least) you have achieved much better gcse results than yours (which again doesn't matter but you seem to feel that putting the entire school below you is acceptable which it is not). St Pats is a very Respectable school with more exceptional students than not. It was hardly the slums with your family being the only successful parents!!!!

      Finally, being an ex pupil of St Pats who actually achieved good grades and a respectable degree (shock horror??), I feel I should let you know that you should be careful about naming people specifically in this blog. There's a term "slander" that you may wish to google.

    3. If you were in my year in st, Pats you would of known i was bullied. Obviously I knew there were richer people in my year. But they fitted in better than myself. I stood up for myself sometimes. In order for it to be slander - you would have to prove to it wasn't true.

    4. Also i pointed out i didn't do that well in my GCSEs as I didn't revise. What you have stated is a complete contradiction.

    5. 1) I was horrendously bullied involving both emotional and physical abuse - anyone who was in any of my junior school or GCSE classes would have known that if they are denying that they probably one of the bullies or one of their friends - or possibly scared of them because their parents are lawyers.
      2) I am confident, I have "chutzpah" you can see that as cocky and arrogant if you like.
      3) I was a victim of bullying, however, I eventually learned to stand-up for myself and that annoyed the bullies even more. Emma was not a nice girl in junior school, it was probably the only time I stood my ground against her - after she attempted to steal my phone off me and send nasty messages off it. As an adult, I am sure she is mature enough realize that what she did was wrong.


    6. 1) I am obviously aware there were some people in my year who were very wealthy and I have not claimed to be more intelligent than everyone I went to school with - however when you go to school we are all in the same uniform and it is difficult to know who is - unless the teaching staff can see the car you are driven to school in - only a small minority got a lift to school. If you can recall. Most of those more wealthier people got the bus, or they played football/Gaelic/netball so they fitted in better as a result as well. I stated that i didn't do well in my GCSES - because I didn't study, which again if you were in my class you would have known that - I hardly ever did my homework.
      2) St Pats is a very respectful school, I agree, it does very well academically however it still has a bad reputation for bullying, if you don't fit their "mould" you get bullied - it is very cliquey.
      3) I know there are some very good-looking people in ST. Pats but not all of their parents were models. My mum was Miss Northern Ireland and my parents wedding was on TV - most of the teaching staff knew that. My mum was a celerbrity - it was a bit different.

    7. 1) I got good A-level grades AAC and I attended UCD (2nd best university in Ireland) and UKC (top 25 in UK) both higher than Queens, and got a 2:1 in Business Administration and Philosophy.
      2) In order for it to be slander, they would have to prove what I am saying is wrong. I haven't just made this up. People in my year group and in my classes will remember these things, maybe slightly different, but I'm sure they will admit that I was bullied and since they are adults and more mature now they can probably admit to their wrongdoing as children.

    8. Fair enough and congratulations, you have done well to overcome all that you went through to get such a good degree. Sorry for being argumentative its just hard to read a blog about bullying that specifically mentions people by name but I guess I can understand now why you have. Apologies for any offence caused

  2. Yes but you stated numerous times about how superiorly intelligent you are. And there are plenty of things in this blog that could classify as slander. I think you should be particularly careful regarding teachers. They are extremely easily identifiable. I assume you don't work but if you ever apply for a job please remove this blog.

    1. Where have i stated that I was "superiority intelligent" in comparison to the rest of my year group.

  3. Exactly my point- you were not superiorly intelligent in comparison to the rest of your year group

    1. Auto-correct obviously. I never claimed it. And I can tell who you are now - Rowan.

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  5. If it makes you feel any better- I think Miss Nancarrow hated everyone LOL!

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  8. I was in your year and the idea that your mum was a celebrity is utterly ridiculous. Perhaps she was recognised in particular circles but no-one in school gave a fuck about your parents then or now. You were also quite clearly not bullied. You were probably disliked by a lot of people, primarily because of your dismissive attitude to them and your ludicrously inflated ego. This blog highlights makes all of that very clear. More than anything else you were just irrelevant to most people. Like most of us were. Schools and teenagers are cliquey - get over it.

    1. My mum was a celebrity of a different generation. Like obviously you would know say who Tiffany Brien is now - but say in 10/20 years time your children probably won't. I was defiantly bullied - you probably weren't in my class. If you were in my year please reveal yourself.

  9. Hey Adam, it's Rowan here.

    Someone recently showed me your blog, so I thought I should drop you a line - couldn't find you on Facebook, so here will have to do. Listen, a lot of shit went on in school that I'm not proud of and that other certain people shouldn't be proud of either. Some of it can be excused for teenagers feeling their way through school, some definitely cannot.
    Contrary to what a few people have said in the comments, you definitely were bullied in school - I'm sorry for any role I played in that. It can't have been easy for you. I also didn't have the easiest time of it at points - though that's not meant as a deflection.
    Anyway, thought I should drop you a message as my name came up a few times in the blog. If you ever wanted to talk about it further, I'd be more than happy. Hope you're well in your life.

    Kind regards,


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